About Us

Fuego the Italian textile industry has occupied a position of supremacy in the world since the late middle ages.Italian fabrics range is for men serious about their suiting.Extremely luxurious and lightweight,this range is the choice for weddings,executives and man who commands quality and distinction.

The main reason that the world demands 100% made in Italy fabrics is that the textile is that the textile mills have great value set on the sensory characteristics such as high quality fabrics,unique creations appearance,lightness and texture and sophisticated production process.

Fuego specialise in wool suiting and fine quality cotton and poplin fabrics.Recently have launched the silk shirting with increasing demand in market.

Fuego has been recognized across the globe,yet to enter directly into Asian markets.Increasing demand of Italian fabrics in Asian markets have forced the major fabric mills to enter the asian markets.Asian markets has lots of potential in terms of volume but the only point of concern is the price factor.

Fuego is producing fabrics with high quality of wool and cotton counts.The fabric are without woven selvage to reduce the production cost.Our agents selling fuego fabrics will provide the customer with fuego authenticity card,Which comes with the company name and date of purchase.

Fuego has started new setup for the ready to wear shirts for men with high jump in demand for ready to wear shirts we came up with this concept.


To establish Fuego Milano Fabrics as a market leader in quality suppliers and premier service providers in the fabric and manufacturing industry and to develop a self-sustaining business model.  


Building brand equity for the Fuego Milano Group. And we want to provide the best platform for your brand development. 

Our Promise

We always strive to achieve the highest quality standards.